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Fire and Smoke Restoration San Jose CA 408-281-1199Was there a fire in your house? Or did you have damage from smoke in your home? If you did, you have come to the right place, Fire and Smoke Restoration San Jose. People don’t often realize that your carpet, cabinets and drywall can hold in all the odor. Smoke is made up of soot as well as oils and gasses, which penetrate the items in your home causing the odor to linger long after the smoke is gone. Our restoration experts will make it seem as if the damage never happened.

Here at Able Body Carpet & Restoration, we will eliminate all of the items that will hold on to the oils from the smoke including, drapery, clothes and your carpet by cleaning them thoroughly to get the smell out. We are licensed professionals that can counteract and totally eliminate what odor is left after heavy duty vacuuming. The chemicals are non toxic and you can return home the same day after we are done cleaning.

A fire is a tragic disaster that can happen at anybody at anytime. When you are ready to rebuild and to recover from this life changing event. We will be here to help you make your house like new again. Call Fire and Smoke Restoration San Jose for a free estimate.