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San Jose Sewage Cleanup 408-281-1199Able Body Carpet & Restoration – San Jose Sewage Cleanup services are staffed with a group of professionals that provide their clients highest the highest qualities of services in the carpet and floor restoration department. The staff is not only extremely familiar with the restoration side of services, but also with detecting and preventing potential sewage intrusion risks.

The high quality of work that is conducted by Able Body Carpet & Restoration professionals is incomparable to the other companies in the market. This is because Able Body’s professionals are equipped with the most technology advanced state-of-the-art equipment to ensure their clients are truly provided with the most effective and efficient treatments. Many firms will complete their jobs for temporary resolutions. Able Body conducts their tasks with permanent solutions as one of their most important priorities to accomplish.

In the case of there being a sewage accident in a home, Able Body San Jose Sewage Cleanup will be able to tend to the most necessary spots for either repair or restorations of the materials the spill has come in contact with. The professionals will conduct their jobs by striving to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing their services at the convenience of the client’s time and place. Also, Able Body professionals strive to complete their jobs in the quickest amount of time as possible, knowing the clients are obligated with tending to their own responsibilities and duties.

Able Body Carpet & Restoration is well reputed with having a good track record within the community, as they are simply motivated by accomplishing the toughest tasks with the best results.

* Water and sewage extraction and debris removal
* Sanitize all affected areas.
* Deodorization
* Direct insurance billing


* Any paper or cloth like products should be discarded because they will soak up the sewage and hold on to the contaminits.  (bedding,clothing,books…)

* Open inside doors to allow circulation.